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Siri Gjære m/fleire@Feminalen, Trondheim

Siri Gjære og Ann-Chatrin Hertling har teke initiativ til eit bestillingsverk som skal setjast opp på Feminialen i Trondheim 27. oktober. A commission work takes place at Feminalen in Trondheim 27. of october. Lineup: Siri Gjære – sang, Ann-Chatrin Hertling – Dj, Ingrid Lode – sang, Maria Kannegaard – piano, Tor Haugerud – trommer og […]

Verken fugl eller fisk@Kunsthallen, Trondheim

The new play Verken fugl eller fisk, (Nor fish nor fowl) will be performed at Kunsthallen in Trondheim. Line up: Siri Gjære  – vok, Siri Schenll Djupvik – actor, Gunhild Hjertaas – actor, Tor Haugerud – drums. Director: Lise Hovik.

EnEnEn release tour@Fosen

EnEnEn releases their new album Grønn & Gul. and celebrates with a release tour in Norway. EnEnEn: Eirik Hegdal- saxes and clarinets, Michael F. Duch – double bass, Tor Haugerud – drums

A song to…@Bastard, Trondheim

A dance performance with choreographer Mia Habib at Bastardfestivalen in Trondheim. We are making sculptures, running, sweating all with 50  naked women and men. This is my first public dance performance ever! 2 shows.

Kléber trio@Antikvariatet

A new trio playing modern experimental jazz coming up. Consisting of: Nils-Olav Johansen – guitar, Bjørn Marius Hegge - double bass and Tor Haugerud - drums

Verken fugl eller fisk@Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim

A play for small children about the affects and nor fish nor fowl. 4 performances. With: Siri Gjaere-vocal, Rohey Taalah-vocal, Siri Sch. Juvik-actor, Gunhild Hjertaas-actor and Tor Haugerud-drums. Director: Lise Hovik