BOL&SNAH releases new album

BOL&SNAH released their new album So? Now? on the label Gigafon in november 2015. This is the second album which Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan participate on. We are very happy to have his guitar and lovely voice in the band. In fact, he is a full member of the band now. The music on the new album is more specific rock, but with influences from more experimental expressions. We had a very nice release tour, which included cities like Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Melhus and Tromsø, and the reviews for the album have been excellent!

Solo Project 2015

My first concert with my new solo project will be held at PØKK 7th of september 2015. I will use drum set and cymbals. My project is a very open free improvised approach, where I follow the response of the sound which is the inspiration for getting forward. Nothing is decided before i start until it ends. Exciting!_dsc7859

Vertex/Dörner/Neumann release “Sustain ability”

The collaboration with the duo Vertex and the two German improvisers Axel Dörner and Andrea Neumann releases now their new album on Gigafon records.The album is recorded live at the spectacular Emanuel Vigeland Museum, which is a mausoleum with a 20 seconds reverb. Enjoy!

Alpaca Ensemble “moving slow tour” in Italy

Alpaca Ensemble is going on tour in Italy in the end of june 2014 with the newly released album Moving Slow. The festival in Tolfa and some gigs in Rome and around Rome is on the program. Eirik Hegdal – saxes and clarinets, Sigrid Stang – violin, Marianne B Lie, violincello, Else Bøe – piano and celesta, Ole Jørgen Melhus – trombone, Tor Haugerud – drums and glockenspiel

Trondheim Jazzorchestra “Sidewalk Comedy” tour 2014

Trondheim Jazzorchestra “Sidewalk Comedy” is releasing their new cd and celebrates with a tour in Norway and Germany. Old jazz music combined with free jazz and surrealistic performance are on their programme. This is something special. so just show up!

Moving Slow – new album from Alpaca Ensemble

Alpaca Ensemble releases their new album “Moving Slow” on wednesday 12th of february. The music is composed by Eirik Hegdal, and the album music shows the group with a sober and timbre ensemble play. It is a mixture of contemporary and classical music with improvised parts.

Du skal få høre fuglesang

Du skal få høre fuglesang by Teater Fot @ Trøndelag Teater

Is a theatre trilogi for children in various ages. Sparrow (0-2 years old), Nightingale (3-5 years old) and Woodpecker (6-9 years old)

Direction: Lise Hovik,

Actors: Andreas Thoresen, Janne Brit Rustad and Live Strugstad,

Musician: Eirik Hegdal, Michael F. Duch and Tor Haugerud,

Music by EnEnEn,

Light: Sivert Lundstrøm


Tonight, the 18th of september, at the open area outside Dokkhuset in Trondheim, we will play Mekatonia for the first time ever. It is music, theatre and installations at the same time, a collaboration between Cirka Theatre and Alpaca Ensemble.  The music is composed by Eirik Hegdal, scenography by Gilles Berger and directions by Anne Marit Sæther.  There will be musicians playing hanging in wires 4 meters above the ground, moving streetlights, noise, spectacular costumes